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Friday 26 June 2009

For years, companies like Dell have started to put the Bios admin password in an EEPROM of it's own, a 24c06 Since then, people have constantly been whining that they cannot restore the Bios Passwords of their (stolen? :-) ) laptops with tools like "CMOSPWD" anymore, requiring some desoldering of said EEprom Well...not anymore. It was pretty obvious that anything that can be written and read from this chip can also be read from our own software, and we at DiGERATi are pretty stunned that no-one else bothered to code something like this before This release is for the SCENE only. We certainly do not mind if every user of any reputable 0-day-site has this fine tool, but we certainly mind if it appears on stuff like P2P, usenet, or (HORRORS!) Rapidshare+webforums.

So please:


PS: Source code for education is included

Install Notes

1. Unpack and copy file "" to a MSDOS bootdisk
2. Boot from bootdisk and start ""
3. If many boot options are disabled, you may try to force booting from disk by using the "undocumented" STRNG+POS1 feature of many Bioses to boot from disk
4. Optionally, you may try to boot from CD/HD/USB etc (whatever works for you)

File Size 30.50 kB (31,230 bytes)


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